Help end blood cancer with CCN

Beginning this month, CCN has begun to set aside 50 cents for every billable hour and has already raised over $1000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Since 2013, CCN Founder Andy Cox has been involved in the fight against blood cancer, and today, he and his team are already gearing up to join the annual Light the Night event in October.

Below, Andy shares how he first got involved in LLS and how you too can join the fight…

How did you first find out about blood cancer?

Back in the late 90s, I was a regular blood donor. I agreed to be on a national marrow donor list, a database that helps get you matched up with someone who needs a transplant. They told me there was a super low chance I would be contacted, but about a year later, I got a call.

I found out I was a potential match for an adolescent who needed a bone marrow transplant in Europe. At first, I was 1 of 16 or so potential matches. I went in for additional blood and testing, then I was 1 of 8, 1 of 3, and then I was it.

“For me, seeing what the families go through is what really makes the difference. No parent wants to hear that their child has cancer.”

In February of 2000, the patient flew into Houston for the transplant. The thing you have to understand about marrow transplants is that they are usually a last resort — the last thing doctors will try to save a life. Once they start killing off the patient’s white blood cells, the donor is the only chance.

That whole experience really opened my eyes. I never did interact with the actual family, but in that hospital you see lots of parents really struggling.

The transplant successfully extended the patient’s life, but later he ultimately succumbed to cancer. After that, I got busy in my career and raising a new family, but it certainly left a mark.

What got you involved in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society?

It wasn’t until 2012 that I got involved with LLS in Austin. A coworker of mine just moved into the market, and she was a survivor of blood cancer. Her friends and family had formed a Light the Night team for her back home, so we created a team to support her here in Austin too.

That was a great experience, and it instantly refreshed my memory, seeing that there are a lot of people going through these incredible challenges. They could be coworkers or neighbors close to you, and you might not even know it. I wanted to continue to help out as much as I can.

After that, I was a team captain, then moved into the Austin Light the Night committee, and then joined their board three years ago.

What do you find so compelling about the fight against blood cancer?

For me, seeing what the families go through is what really makes the difference. No parent wants to hear that their child has cancer.

Kids are so resilient that they often continue to play through treatment. They’re still just kids and often keep that optimism, but behind every child cancer patient, there are parents who are on an emotional roller coaster. All you want is for your kid to have the best options, but it’s so hard to know.

You start empathizing with these families. You want to know how you can help, what you can do… well what you can do is end cancer!

Can we really end cancer?

It sounds like something that can’t be done, but we’re making incredible progress, and LLS is right in the middle of that research and innovation.

The amount of FDA approvals that have happened in the last few years is exponentially higher that it used to be, and these are treatments that can help avoid chemo or radiation.

“we’re making incredible progress [towards ending blood cancer], and LLS is right in the middle of that research and innovation.”

Recently a blood cancer survivor spoke at an LLS meeting. He was given a new pill, and literally within months, he was cured of cancer. He was almost embarrassed to say he had cancer, because he never had any ill effects—no chemo, no hair loss, or anything. It felt like a magic pill.

Stories like that don’t tug at the heartstrings as much as suffering families, but that’s exactly the point! That’s what we want the future of blood cancer to look like. That’s why we’re raising money for research.

How can others help in the fight against cancer?

Blood cancer affects all ages, all ethnicities, all age groups. Research is expensive; this is all about fundraising. We need money and we need volunteers.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is a great organization that is leading the charge. An extremely high percentage of every dollar given goes to funding research and helping people locally. They run very lean and are very effective.

Money raised through Light the Night also goes to direct patient support services right here in Austin. Of course, cancer treatment is expensive, and hugely disruptive to family life. LLS has programs to provide financial assistance for medical bills, transportation, or even utilities.

I can’t think of anything better to do with my time than to help move this forward.

What is Light the Night?

Light the Night is an annual fundraising event that happens in Austin and other cities across the country.

“No matter where you are the mood is the same. Although there is certainly a memorial component to this event, it’s also festive. There’s a lot to celebrate… is a huge, awesome, emotional experience.”

The actual ceremony starts around dark. They present awards for teams, and they have the “honored hero” come up to share their story. Finally everybody has a colored lantern: white is for survivors, yellow is for remembrance, and red is for all the supporters. Everybody who is holding a white lantern moves into the center to the “circle of survivors.” They all raise their lanterns up, and it’s a huge, awesome, emotional experience. Then all five or six thousand people all do the walk with their lanterns with fireworks at the end.

How can we get involved?

By all means, sign up to join the CCN team or create a team of family and friends! You can make a donation to the event or host a fundraiser of your own.

I think it’s a no brainer for companies of any size to participate. There are a lot of reasons for an employer to do an event like this. It’s a great cause, a great opportunity to market if you want to, and a great way to bring your employees together and build comradery.

There are a lot of great charities in Austin, and I understand that. We want to find those people who have a passion and are connected in some way to patients and survivors. Don’t be afraid to ask around, and you will be surprised just how many people you already know who are connected in some way.

At the end of the day, we’re here to end blood cancer.

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Recruiting for finance, accounting, and HR is really a combination of science and art.

The science of recruiting qualified talent

The science is the ability to discern whether a candidate has the technical skills to succeed in a job.

You really can only assess whether the candidate has those technical skills if you have the subject matter expertise and have done the job yourself.

The art of assessing fit

The art of recruiting is figuring out whether this candidate is the right fit for your company culture, as well as for your team.

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Our process

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Quality over Quantity: CCN’s Recruiting Philosophy

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CCN welcomes Kristine Kelly to direct hire team

We’re excited to announce that Kristine Kelly has officially joined the CCN direct hire team as our newest director of finance and accounting recruiting. She has a long history of helping companies in Austin and around the world, and she’s perfectly positioned to help find and hire the best finance and accounting talent.

Proven financial expertise

Kristine’s background encompasses finance and investments, from startups to middle market to Fortune 50 companies. Her work spans from financial modeling and investor relations to CFO functions and regular work with the Board of Directors.

Kristine led financing rounds for a number of Austin-based companies, including expanding Alamo Drafthouse’s market throughout Texas. She has participated in two inaugural funds – one a $50M cybersecurity fund for Chertoff Group, and the other the first of three $25M real estate investment funds.

Her business acumen includes a broad range of specialized talent management situations, including startup, M&A, integrations, dispositions and spinoffs, product launch, and adapting to changing market conditions.

“I’m really motivated by creative problem-solving opportunities, especially in rapidly changing and complex environments. I want to identify financial inefficiencies, and I enjoy working with senior leadership to provide financial solutions.”

Team building experience

Kristine has a deep experience building and leading teams, and she knows from firsthand experience how to identify and recruit top talent, locally, nationally, and internationally.

She explains that recruiting is part science, and part art — and all of it works together to help make clients and candidates happy over the long run. 

“It’s important to me to match individuals with companies where they will thrive — companies for whom they are a cultural and career trajectory fit. Understanding the tactical components of a job is the science, while identifying a candidate’s fit is the art.”

Kristine’s background in investments and private equity also allows her to anticipate companies’ growth and collaborate with CFOs and CEOs to meet the demands of their business.

In everything she does, she likes to describe herself as a “passionate champion of others.”

More about Kristine

Kristine earned her MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, and her BA in Political Science from Carleton College. 

She also co-founded and grew a SaaS technology company and has mentored other founders as well.

In her free time, Kristine practices at Yoga Vida and can often be found at Town Lake with her daughter and Havanese dog. 

Let’s get started!

If your company is looking for exceptional finance/accounting talent, Kristine is excited to get your direct hire search started! Call 512-900-2152 or send us a message.

If you’re looking for new work opportunities or simply want to welcome Kristine to the team, you can connect with her on linkedin. You can also sign up to join our network online.

Companies see huge benefits from involving HR in due diligence for M&A

US dealmakers expect an uptick in M&A (merger and acquisition) transactions as leaders are making moves for stability and growth. Talent and culture are increasingly more critical as these transactions focus less on assets and more on capabilities.

When should HR be involved in M&A?

Human resource departments are inevitably a big part of any M&A, facilitating the combination of teams, systems, and software. Often times though, decision-makers don’t involve HR until after the transaction is complete. This can leave leadership with big blind spots and put HR and employees at a disadvantage come crunch time.

Forward-thinking leaders recognize that talent and culture are a key part of M&A, and they know HR is a key part of due diligence. It’s imperative that companies follow a thorough diligence process to understand how the leadership, talent, and core cultural traits of the target helped it produce results in the first place.

Companies that invest time and effort to gain a strategic HR understanding during the diligence process realize a greater degree of value and growth.

What Role does HR play in M&A?

HR has four critical roles in any M&A transaction:

#1. Know Where Risk & Opportunity Hide

HR will uncover people-related financial risks by identifying and assessing:

  1. Compensation, benefits, and insurance liabilities
  2. Employee-related compliance liabilities
  3. HR operations and technology synergies
  4. Cultural, organizational structure, and talent risks

#2. Culture Fit and Strategy Alignment

Strategic HR has the responsibility to protect the culture and company's focus by making sure the M&A transaction aligns all constituents with the vision and values of the combined entity. Strategic HR’s role starts and ends with ensuring results are realized. Specific action programs include:

  1. Assess Organizational Fit: Perform SWOT on the people capabilities and competencies
  2. Facilitate Change Management: this requires a proven, pragmatic methodology that generates results
  3. Provide Proactive Communication:
    1. Ensure the Message (Vision/Values) is heard and understood
    2. Keep communication going in all directions (upwards, downwards, across departments, across organizations)
    3. Establish Meeting/Communication Standards, Practices, and Expectations
    4. Ensure Goal Setting, Performance Reviews, and Accountability
  4. Update and Align Policy, Programs, Practices, and Philosophies

#3. Workforce Planning

HR will evaluate the combined entity’s workforce to determine supply and demand imbalance by role and location, ascertain current and future gaps, and create and implement a Leave Management and/or Staffing Plan as required. In fact, HR is responsible for evaluating and modeling the current and future people costs of the transaction. Specific Workforce Planning components include:

  1. Scenario Planning Turnover and Recruiting
  2. Succession Planning
  3. Retention of key people and separation of redundant staff
  4. Development of a total rewards strategy for the combined companies

#4. Organizational Development

The new leadership team will need to work together on a daily basis, despite cultural and personality differences, power issues, and other barriers. HR’s role is that of the facilitator enabling team members to work together constructively. Specifically, HR will

  1. Deal with power and cultural issues as well as resolve conflicts
  2. Help employees agree on priorities and focus on tangible results
  3. Identify and develop people capabilities and competencies
  4. Facilitate initiatives and manage the learning processes, knowledge sharing, and knowledge repositories

At the end of the day, M&A success entirely depends on the performance of the people, and strategic HR gives you the ability to do all of the above with speed.

We’re here to help

Unless you are involved in M&A every day, it’s hard to anticipate what you don’t know. Our strategic HR consultants have helped many companies successfully merge and transition personnel. We’re here to help leaders get the maximum value out of any M&A transaction — without skipping a beat.

We’d love to learn more about your M&A HR needs. Send us a message or call us at 512-900-2152 to get the conversation started.