CCN Now Offering Strategic HR Services

I'm excited to share a really big update with everyone today. You know we've been serving our peers in finance and accounting for the last two and a half years, and now, based on feedback and conversations we've had with you, we're excited to launch our strategic HR services.

We're going to focus on projects that really drive an impact to the bottom line — things like M&A and how HR plays a part in due diligence, things like PEO analysis and extraction for companies that have outgrown their PEO, headcount optimization, and leadership development. These HR challenges are not only important to finance and accounting, but they also have a P&L impact in HR.

Of course we'll do traditional HR projects and help companies fill permanent positions with HR recruiting services as well.

We've tapped Tammy McCarty on the shoulder to lead the charge, and we are really excited about having Tammy on board. Tammy has a ton of experience … she's been a CHRO, she's led sales and marketing teams, and really has a great background to help us with this charge. Most importantly though, Tammy has been a partner to CFOs, and she's been a servant leader to her teams.

As we expand to serve companies’ HR needs, we’re staying true to the same values that set us apart in finance and accounting. We're going to continue down the path of being transparent, providing above-market pay to consultants, and serving our clients’ needs first.

We look forward to your feedback as we embark on this new chapter. Please let us know how we can serve you better!