CCN welcomes Kim Horkavy, Strategic HR Consultant

We’re excited to welcome Kim Horkavy as our newest strategic HR consultant. As a true HR subject matter expert, she will work closely with Tammy McCarty to tackle big picture HR issues and help companies navigate through key stages of organizational growth.

A specialized background in scaling and growing companies

Kim launched her career in marketing before earning her MBA in London, England, where much of her studies focused on organizational behavior.

Back in Texas, she went on the hunt for an opportunity to put her specialized knowledge to work growing and scaling a business. She landed at a local publishing company called Community Impact which had just hit 50 employees and was ready for someone to start their HR program on the right foot.

“She’s got the background and the track record that shows she’s able to help scale an organization.”

Tammy McCarty

Under 13 years of Kim’s HR leadership, the company grew from 50 to over 200 employees. She built the HR organization from the ground up and launched 29 new newspapers, including expansion into Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Phoenix, and Nashville. During her time there, she helped open and oversee human resources for the Community Impact Printing Plant and also facilitated a key merger/acquisition in Tennessee.

“There’s proof in the pudding,” says Tammy McCarty, CCN’s president of strategic HR. “The organization grew under her leadership, and she progressed from HR manager to a C-suite executive with a seat at the table … she’s got the background and the track record that shows she’s able to help scale an organization, even in a difficult industry.”

Kim’s HR consultant roles at CCN

After her success at Community Impact, Kim could have accepted any number of executive jobs around Austin. Instead, she’s chosen to expand her career as an HR consultant, sharing her skills with as many companies as she can.

“You see a lot of growing companies get to a point where things have become so duct-taped together —before you know it, everything is breaking,” Kim explains. “I want to help organizations streamline their HR function to focus on what’s important. You shouldn’t be worried about HR systems getting in the way of doing business.”

“I love getting in and fixing problems, and that’s exactly what CCN’s consultants are hired for. I’m excited by the variety of projects and people we serve, and I get to learn from one of the best.”

Kim Horkavy

Kim goes on to explain that a love of learning continues to play a key role in her success: “I love a challenge, and I’m a big learner as well. Yes, we have proven strategies and frameworks, but every new relationship requires a deep dive into a new organization and culture … I customize all my approaches to those specific companies and situations. I’m excited to be able to lean into that natural talent and put all of my skills to good use at CCN.”

“That’s exactly what we’re looking for,” agrees Tammy. “When you hire CCN, you’re not getting a cookie cutter approach. We’re invested in understanding clients’ needs and providing highly customized, effective services.”

As she begins her time at CCN, Kim is excited about a consultant lifestyle in a culture where she will be engaged and challenged according to her unique skills.

“She’s a great example of the kind of subject matter experts who can really make an impact for our clients. She’s exceptional talent — the best of the best.”

Tammy McCarty

Let’s get to work

If you find your business caught against the unique challenges that come with rapid growth, don’t hesitate to contact CCN. We’re happy to connect you with top strategic HR consultants like Kim who can help you find answers and chart a path forward. Send us a message or call 512-900-2152 to get the conversation started.

In the meantime, you can also connect with Kim on LinkedIn or shoot her a message to welcome her onboard.