CCN welcomes Kristine Kelly to direct hire team

We’re excited to announce that Kristine Kelly has officially joined the CCN direct hire team as our newest director of finance and accounting recruiting. She has a long history of helping companies in Austin and around the world, and she’s perfectly positioned to help find and hire the best finance and accounting talent.

Proven financial expertise

Kristine’s background encompasses finance and investments, from startups to middle market to Fortune 50 companies. Her work spans from financial modeling and investor relations to CFO functions and regular work with the Board of Directors.

Kristine led financing rounds for a number of Austin-based companies, including expanding Alamo Drafthouse’s market throughout Texas. She has participated in two inaugural funds – one a $50M cybersecurity fund for Chertoff Group, and the other the first of three $25M real estate investment funds.

Her business acumen includes a broad range of specialized talent management situations, including startup, M&A, integrations, dispositions and spinoffs, product launch, and adapting to changing market conditions.

“I’m really motivated by creative problem-solving opportunities, especially in rapidly changing and complex environments. I want to identify financial inefficiencies, and I enjoy working with senior leadership to provide financial solutions.”

Team building experience

Kristine has a deep experience building and leading teams, and she knows from firsthand experience how to identify and recruit top talent, locally, nationally, and internationally.

She explains that recruiting is part science, and part art — and all of it works together to help make clients and candidates happy over the long run. 

“It’s important to me to match individuals with companies where they will thrive — companies for whom they are a cultural and career trajectory fit. Understanding the tactical components of a job is the science, while identifying a candidate’s fit is the art.”

Kristine’s background in investments and private equity also allows her to anticipate companies’ growth and collaborate with CFOs and CEOs to meet the demands of their business.

In everything she does, she likes to describe herself as a “passionate champion of others.”

More about Kristine

Kristine earned her MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, and her BA in Political Science from Carleton College. 

She also co-founded and grew a SaaS technology company and has mentored other founders as well.

In her free time, Kristine practices at Yoga Vida and can often be found at Town Lake with her daughter and Havanese dog. 

Let’s get started!

If your company is looking for exceptional finance/accounting talent, Kristine is excited to get your direct hire search started! Call 512-900-2152 or send us a message.

If you’re looking for new work opportunities or simply want to welcome Kristine to the team, you can connect with her on linkedin. You can also sign up to join our network online.