Finance and accounting recruiting

Build your team confidently and affordably.

Leverage our specialized talent network

Most recruiters are generalists, but our team members are each specialized industry experts. That experience directly translates to excellent talent, efficient searches, and savings we can pass on to you.

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Reliable results backed by experience

CCN’s search team members each have real industry experience in finance, accounting, and HR — and the specialized network that comes with it. We’ve been in your shoes, and we know exactly what kind of people you need. You know what they say, it takes one to know one!

Delena Spencer

Chief Matchmaker,
CCN Search

30+ years experience

Liz Harder

Director of Accounting
and Finance Recruiting

30+ years experience

Tammy McCarty

President Strategic
HR Services

25+ years experience

Save with our optional hourly pricing model*

Think of us as your outsourced recruiting department. With our optional hourly pricing model, we find you top-notch talent and simply bill you for our time (13.5% min - 20% max). Most hourly search clients pay less than half of a traditional 25% contingency fee.

CCN Average Client Savings = $0

*Still want to engage us on a traditional contingency fee model? That’s fine with us too.


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0 Day Average Fill Time


0% Average Invoice

Our process

At CCN, we serve as an extension of your own recruiting team. We use milestones and deliverables to ensure that our searches are cost-effective and transparent. Because we’re not focused on a large contingency fee, we can take our time to present a fair view of your company and find the perfect fit for your unique role and company culture. Isn’t that the way it should be?

1. Intake

We create a timeline and develop a thorough understanding of your needs, including important “intangible” factors like job expectations, company culture, and more.

2. Market

We share your position with our industry-specific network, and we post it on relevant job platforms.

3. Search

We get to work sourcing promising talent. This includes both new candidates and passive job-seekers that can only be found in our specialized network.

4. Vetting

We screen applicants, perform initial interviews, check references, and submit the most promising qualified candidates to you.

5. Proactive Collaboration

You receive an organized dashboard report every 20 billable hours, featuring the number of applicants processed, targeted, vetted, interviewed, and submitted.

6. Hourly Billing*

With our hourly pricing model, you receive transparent invoices throughout the process. Your fees are simply based on our time spent (13.5% min - 20% max).

*Still want to engage us on a traditional contingency fee model? That’s fine with us too.

Start your search today

A month from today, you don't want to still be waiting for talent to show up. You should already be up and running with a qualified new hire who is a perfect fit within your team. Especially with savings from CCN's hourly pricing model, that's the kind of return on investment you can feel great about.