Build your finance & accounting team

Our experts provide hand-picked, top-notch applicants.

We don’t work in sales, we’re experts in finance.

Traditional staffing agencies employ salespeople working for the next commission, but CCN is run by experienced finance and accounting experts who want to help your team succeed. We’ve been in your shoes, and we know exactly what kind of people you need. We have access to a unique network of experienced talent, and each one of our applicants is hand-picked by real people — not computer algorithms.

We can help your team succeed.

A unique pricing model designed to save companies money.

At CCN, we offer our “direct hire” or “permanent placement” services based on a new hourly pricing model that puts your needs first. We take the time to get to know you so we can personally select talent to match your unique requirements and culture.

Hourly Compensation Model

Think of us as your outsourced recruiting department. We find you top-notch, experienced talent and simply bill you for our time. Our fees are limited by both a modest minimum amount and maximum amount — if we hit our upper limit, we’ll work for free until your position is filled.


Average direct hire clients save over 50%!

Traditional Commission-Based Model

Still want to engage us on a traditional model? That’s fine with us too. Once we find your candidate, we’ll bill a contingent fee based on a percentage of their new annual salary.

Build your dream finance team today

The first step in our process is always a conversation. We want to be closely acquainted with your unique needs so we can find the perfect candidate.

Grow your network

You never know when your next opportunity or perfect candidate might come along. Follow our company on Linkedin and be sure to connect with Delena Spencer, chief matchmaker at Cox Consulting Network.