Hiring with CCN’s Expert HR Recruiters

When we launched our new HR Direct Hire program at CCN, our experienced HR recruiters took the proven elements from our successful practice in finance and accounting, and customized them to fit the unique challenges of HR. This “Direct Hire” model features:

  1. Subject Matter Expertise: CCN recruiters are experts in their field. They know exactly what kind of talent a client needs because they have inhouse experience and industry perspective.
  2. Collaborative Experience: CCN recruiters work closely with the client to get a thorough understanding of their needs and culture. We save clients time by acting like part of their inhouse hiring team.
  3. Unique Hourly Pricing: Clients can choose to take advantage of our hourly pricing model to save thousands of dollars compared to traditional contingency search pricing.

So how does this unique model impact the recruiting experience? Let’s take a step by step look through our typical process to find out.

“[We] make sure there aren’t any unanswered questions or missing details … So far, our clients have been eager to interview every single candidate that’s made it through our in-depth vetting process.”

Tammy McCarty, President, Strategic HR

Traditional agencies vs. CCN’s HR recruiters

In order to appreciate CCN’s HR recruiting model, it’s important to understand where the industry is coming from. Especially in today’s hot labor market, candidates are fewer and farther between. Many companies are desperate to attract and hire top-notch talent.

Often, traditional agency recruiting firms are taking shortcuts, simply posting job orders and passing on whatever resumes they can get their hands on.

This fast-paced approach might feel more productive, but it sacrifices quality in favor of quantity. This means that the client spends more time filtering resumes and interviewing candidates who aren’t qualified. That places an undue burden on the client, and at the end of the day, the client might not get exactly what they need. Ultimately it could even lead to higher turnover down the road.

CCN’s expert HR recruiting process

To deliver top quality, CCN’s HR recruiters follow a proven process that’s customized to the unique needs of each client. Throughout the process, their specialized industry expertise directly translates to excellent talent, efficient searches, and cost savings.

1.  Client intake

CCN’s industry expert HR recruiters schedule a one-hour intake call with the client before every search. This in-depth conversation helps reveal the nuts and bolts behind the job description and many of those culture fit “intangibles” that are critical to a successful placement.

“We talk about the organization and their business goals. We want to know where they are currently, and where they are going,” explains Shanon Holley, one of CCN’s experienced HR recruiters.

“Outside of typical benefits, compensation, etc. we need an understanding of who they are,” adds Tammy McCarty, president of CCN’s strategic HR services. “We need to understand their culture, fit, mission, and values. What are the opportunities for career progression? How will their performance be measured? What is the company leadership style? What are the team dynamics?”

2. Customized candidate background questionnaire

Next, CCN’s HR recruiters customize a background questionnaire based on the findings of the client intake call.

This serves as a valuable tool throughout the search process to help drill into any gaps and validate that candidates have the skills they need to perform.

On the candidate side, this detailed questionnaire helps applicants completely understand the scope of what they will be responsible for. “I’ve had candidates come back to me and say that the questionnaire uncovered requirements that they weren’t aware of, and that they no longer felt qualified,” says Tammy. “This is a critical step in filtering through candidates to identify the best of the best.

3. Candidate search

As soon as the questionnaire is ready, CCN’s recruiters “hit the streets” to find the perfect candidate for the open position. Of course, this includes job postings on Linkedin and other platforms, but the most valuable work happens behind the scenes, combing through our rich networks of personal contacts and passive job-seekers.

Once a candidate has been identified, we invite them to apply and complete the candidate questionnaire.

4. Screening interview

After an application has been accepted by the CCN team, they schedule a one-hour in-depth screening interview with the client.

Because CCN utilizes industry expert HR recruiters, they can drill in to ask all the tough questions they need to assess qualification and fit.

“I wouldn’t hire someone I wouldn’t personally want on my own team …. or for a C-level position, I wouldn’t hire someone if I didn’t have complete confidence that they have what it takes to help the company succeed.”

Shanon Holley, HR Recruiter

A one-hour interview might seem like a lot of work before a candidate even talks to the client, but Tammy explains that this is all part of the ‘pay to play’ model: “we need to see how interested they really are and how much effort they will put into the process. They have to show they are committed and that they personally believe they are a really great fit for the role.”

5. Submission of candidates

After an applicant has made it through the in-depth vetting process, CCN’s HR recruiters submit a “candidate summary” to the client.

Tammy explains that this valuable document is much more than just a resume, it includes everything they need to know about the applicant: “Our candidate summary makes sure there aren’t any unanswered questions or missing details. At this point, the client can be confident in scheduling an interview… in fact we’ve got an incredible success rate when it comes to our top picks. So far, our clients have been eager to interview every single candidate that’s made it through our in-depth vetting process.”

6. Follow-up and hiring

CCN’s HR recruiters continue to work alongside the client to help manage the rest of the hiring process, including scheduling interviews and putting together offer letters.

“By this time, both the client and the candidate have been through an incredibly thorough process to help identify the best possible fit, and both parties are very invested in the relationship,” says Tammy.

“So far, we haven’t had a single candidate turn down a job offer. Our acceptance rate is 100%.”

Tammy McCarty, President, Strategic HR

Let’s get started

If you’re interested in finding the perfect fit for an open HR position, don’t hesitate to contact us. CCN’s experienced team of HR recruiters has the subject matter expertise and the proven process to facilitate a positive search experience and deliver exceptional results.