Strategic HR Consultants

We help leaders understand and navigate HR challenges so their companies can grow.

Take the mystery out of human resources

An organization is only as strong as its people — it's that simple, and that complex. Our HR consultants help leaders understand the answers to fundamental people management questions.


“How much is staff turnover costing our company?”

“Are we spending too much on employee benefits?”

“Are systems helping or hurting employee productivity?”

"Are we paying employees the right amount?"

We are team-builders

Our HR consultants have decades of HR experience and the business acumen to help you meet your goals. We speak your language and connect the dots between both people and profit.

We're not just another outsourced HR solution. We provide the foundations and strategies you need to build your own HR team.

HR Consultant Team Meeting

Growth-oriented HR solutions

We’ve assisted companies through major HR challenges, including startup, expansion, mergers/acquisitions, and even downsizing. We create and execute actionable plans to save costs, enhance productivity, and help your company grow.

Acquisitions & Mergers

Combining teams is no easy task! We help you create and execute HR strategies to build bigger and better than before.

PEO Analysis & Extraction

Is your PEO delivering the value you need? Our objective analysis reveals whether you could save money by moving your benefits in-house.

Gap Analysis

We identify problem areas that are holding back your company's growth — gaps between your current and desired state. Our analysis shows you how to align your people with your goals.

Systems Implementation

Are your current systems helping or hurting employee productivity? We provide strategies and guidance to help your teams implement new systems, improve efficiencies, and drive results.

& Recruiting

Are you growing your teams effectively and sustainably? We help you identify and fill the roles your company needs to grow and thrive.

Custom HR Services

Wherever you have people-related questions, our HR consultants have answers. Schedule a consult today to learn how we can help you meet your HR goals.

Affordable HR staffing solutions

Our experienced recruiting team now offers direct-hire services to help you find permanent HR talent. Instead of paying a traditional 25%+ contingency fee, we simply bill you for our time, saving you thousands of dollars on every new hire. Think of us as your outsourced recruiting department.

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Meet Tammy McCarty

We're excited to leverage Tammy McCarty as we expand our consulting and recruiting services to include strategic HR. She has a wealth of experience in HR and the business acumen to go with it. Tammy has always been a partner to the CFO and a servant leader to her teams.

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Build a better team today

Company leaders deserve the confidence that comes with a great team, sustainable systems, and a clear plan. Whatever your goals are, we can make sure your people are ready to help you achieve them. Call us at 512-900-2152 or send us a message below to get the conversation started.