Make every new hire a smooth transition

CCN's "Knowledge Bridge" solution equips your new hire for success.

Don't lose valuable knowledge between hires.

As soon as a key employee puts in their two weeks’ notice, the clock is already ticking. During this hectic period, the rest of your staff is often overworked as you scramble to fill gaps, figure out a transition plan, and post a job opening. By the time someone new comes along (even an interim consultant), their predecessor is long-gone, and there’s no chance to ask questions. Does your new hire have everything they need to succeed?


Are you prepared for your next transition?

We Revolutionized Traditional Knowledge Transfer

CCN's Knowledge Bridge is here to provide the guidance and resources to make every training experience a smooth transition. As a network of finance and accounting and human resources consultants, we’ve spent years in interim roles and have developed a platform to make every transition a win for your organization.

Don’t just put a bandaid on the problem. Nobody likes to hear that someone is resigning, but we're here to help you make the best out of the situation and set yourself up for success. We will guide you through our specialized process and connect you with specially trained transition consultants. In some cases, your knowledge transfer specialist may also serve as an interim consultant.

Harness our proven process for knowledge collection

The most important part of knowledge transfer is knowledge collection. Our process begins as soon as you call to take advantage of every minute you have left with a current employee. Our knowledge transfer specialists are trained to ask the right questions and meticulously document every detail to make sure no stone is left unturned.


We build customized resources your staff needs to succeed

At the conclusion of the collection phase, we’ll present you with a complete position guidebook with everything a new hire needs to know. This valuable resource is yours to keep and update over the years for subsequent hires or training for related positions. Your package includes:

  1. Position Guidebook – complete documentation of position tasks is intuitively organized and thoroughly illustrated with everything your new hire needs to know. Delivered in searchable digital pdf and a physical bound booklet.
  2. Secure Log – documentation of passwords, accounts, and other sensitive information is packaged separately inside secure digital files and hard copy for you to keep onsite.
  3. Tutorial Videos – complex tasks and concepts are captured forever through intuitive video chat recordings and screen-share videos. Our consultants know exactly what questions to ask so your new hire will feel like they’re getting face-to-face time with their predecessor.

Don't lose another day

Our proven process begins as soon as you call. We're standing by to help your team succeed.

The results speak for themselves.

We’ve all been there. The typical “wing it” approach translates to inefficiency, lost time, and lost revenue. It can take days or weeks to track down important information and reverse-engineer the details of a position.

When you partner with a CCN knowledge transfer specialist, your new hire can hit the ground running with everything they need to know to succeed. Your new position guidebook will continue serve as a valuable resource for the days to come.


You won't have to train twice

This is one of the most common concerns we hear... companies don't want to have to train an interim worker only to turn around and re-train the permanent hire later on. When you work with CCN's Knowledge Bridge, everything is combined into one streamlined process, and your training materials are all captured for future use.


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