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Let's celebrate YOU

The Consultants Club is our name for our most dedicated consultants who have racked up over 5,000 hours with CCN. Each spring, we reward new inductees with an all-expenses-paid trip to extraordinary locations around the world.

Many consulting firms have a fantastic five-star trip to reward top salespeople. At CCN, our consultants are our sales team. Their work, commitment, and reputation create more opportunities than an elite sales team could ever produce for our community.

How do we do it?

As a community, our first job is to advocate for the best consultants in the market, and we owe our success to …(drumroll)… consultants.

And, without the obligation to distribute profits to investors at the end of the year, we decided to give something back to our consultants as a much-earned reward for their bull-dogged tenacity and hard work.


How do I make the Club?

We keep track of each consultant's billable hours, but it's easier than you think to make it into the Consultants Club. We recognize and celebrate the team members who invest their time, talents, and energy into the network. Referrals and select events can also contribute to your 5,000 hours:

  • Your Consulting Hours
  • Hours worked by consultants that you bring into the network
  • Hours worked by ANY consultants for clients you bring into the network
  • Twenty hours for each CCN Community Get-Together you attend
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"CCN-Vitational" 2023

Our destination for 2023 ("CCN-Vitational") is the Encore Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Congratulations to our newest members of the Consultants Club!

  • G Herver
  • Jennifer McKay
  • Kathryn Simpson
  • Kristyn Kennedy
  • Lissa Jackson
  • Salimah Taylor

We’re building a better world for businesses and talent

We invite you to join the network that was truly built FOR consultants BY consultants. We put consultants first, and we put our money where our mouth is. We pay consultants more than anybody else in the industry, and we invest time and money to help our talent achieve their ideal career lifestyle. Get in touch today, and we'll find out how we can put you to work.