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After many years in consulting and professional services, Andy Cox founded CCN to fix some clear problems with the traditional consulting model. Then and now, he believed in the simple idea that by serving consultants' needs first, everyone ultimately wins.

Soon after launch, CCN's services were expanded to further equip finance and accounting teams with direct hire / professional & executive search services. Recently, CCN launched its strategic HR services. This natural evolution of our same personal touch and people-centered approach continues to attract great talent and create excellent results.

We intentionally structured CCN to be privately owned, which means we don't have investors. Growth is not our primary focus, it's an indicator that we are doing the right thing: delivering on our promise to be consultant centered and client focused.

We believe in the power of relationships, strong work ethic, and integrity. It is only with humility, passion, and collaboration, that we will deliver our best.

Our values create value

We started CCN with a clear set of values that may look radical in our industry, but to us, they just feel like common sense. Clearly we're doing something right, because these ideas have caught on like wildfire... and the results truly speak for themselves.


People over profit

When you put people first, everybody wins. We bill our clients reasonable rates, and we provide fair (above market) compensation for our consultants.


Nobody should have to wonder where the money goes. Our invoices are clear and transparent, showing exactly who gets what.


We maintain the highest standards by engaging accounting, finance, and HR professionals with proven experience and industry-specific expertise.

Meet our team

CCN connects dozens of talented consultants and hundreds of top-notch candidates in Austin and around the country. We're managed by a small team with proven track record specific to finance, accounting, and HR.

Andy Cox

Owner, Founder, Consultant Advocate

Tammy McCarty

President, Strategic HR Services

Lesa Theurer

Vice President, Accounting & Finance

Delena Spencer

Chief Matchmaker, Finance & Accounting Recruiting

Liz Harder

Director, Finance & Accounting Recruiting

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