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Leaving the traditional agency model behind

Our story begins with Andy Cox, a finance professional who built his career working in-house, as a consultant, and for a national staffing/consulting firm. In many ways, Andy had achieved his goals. But for him, and so many of those he managed, the climb up the corporate ladder was grueling. Each step of the way, he found himself working nights, weekends, and holidays. Worse still, he and his peers were breaking their backs for someone else’s bottom line.

We put people first

In 2018, Andy said, "enough is enough" and set out to build a better world for both consultants and clients in finance and accounting. Andy founded Cox Consulting Network as a company created for consultants by consultants. This mission meant a radical departure from the traditional agency approach. Then and now, we genuinely believe that happy consultants mean happy clients.

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People over profit

We bill our clients at reasonable rates, and we provide fair, above market compensation for our consultants. This way, everybody wins.

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Nobody should have to wonder where the money goes. Our invoices are clear and transparent, showing exactly who gets what.

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We maintain the highest standards by engaging accounting and finance professionals with proven experience and industry-specific expertise.

Sharing our profits

We intentionally structured CCN to be privately owned without investors. By cutting out the middleman, we can share our profits and savings directly with our consultants and clients.

Because we don’t fixate on profits and margins, we’re free to focus on our consultants and clients like no one else in the industry. CCN is here to help you grow, whether you are a hard-working consultant or a business.

Even though growth is not our primary focus, the CCN concept is catching on — peers across the industry have jumped at the alternative to traditional consultant agencies. As a company, we’ve experienced significant growth each year, which goes straight back to serving our network with more talent, more jobs, and great perks and benefits.


Making an impact

We believe business should make the world a better place. That's why we support the Light the Night and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as our primary community cause.


Donated since 2018

When you put people first, everybody wins

We’re building a better world for businesses and talent

Many people think they have to choose between people and profit, but we believe you can have both. That’s how we run our network, and that’s how we help our clients grow. We’re poised to solve your business’s most complex, high-level challenges with our people-centered approach. Get in touch today, and we’ll start building a custom plan for you.

Company leadership

Andy Cox Head Shot WEB

Andy Cox

Owner, Founder, Consultant Advocate
Lesa Theurer Head Shot WEB

Lesa Theurer

Vice President, Finance & Accounting Consulting
Delena Spencer Head Shot WEB

Delena Spencer

Vice President, Finance & Accounting Recruiting

Marissa Vidaurri

Vice President, Investor Relations and Communications
JJ Jennifer Head Shot WEB

Jennifer "JJ" Cox

Director of Operations
S Smith Headshot_WEB

Sara Smith

Chief of Staff
Liz Harder Head Shot WEB

Liz Harder

Managing Director

Sarah Weil

Managing Director


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