We are a Community of Finance and Accounting Professionals.

We created this network to centralize our back-office and business development efforts, to limit our dependency on agencies, and to give you one place to go when you need help with special projects, interim coverage, or hiring new team members in your finance and accounting department.

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Cox Consulting Network is a brokerage for consultants and clients in the finance and accounting community. Our goal is to offer consultants and free lancers who desire to pursue consulting as a career the tools necessary to succeed without giving up their identity, profits, and control. We put the money in the hands of the experts doing the work. We keep enough to hire the best recruiters, and scale with demand. As we like to say, "It is not a consulting firm, it's a consultant's firm".

We put the money in the hands of the people doing the work, keep enough to scale, and attract great recruiters.

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We’re super excited to begin serving you! Simply select from the below buttons if you’re a consultant looking to join our network, or a company needing financial expertise. It’s easy to begin utilzing our community, and start a great relationship!

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