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Finance/accounting consulting services for private equity

When it comes to Private Equity, we’ve seen it all. Every deal comes with great opportunity and excitement... followed by the headaches of integration, reporting, and turnover.

Lack of experienced personnel:

Current employees don’t have the skills or capacity to take care of post-close activities, creating a large mess on the back end.

Minimal visibility and unreliable forecasts:

Low quality or short-sighted projections make it hard to plan for the future and leave investors uncomfortable.

Inadequate systems and processes:

Important projects have been back-burnered due to lack of bandwidth, but they now block growth and scale.

Key employee turnover:

Widespread burnout post-acquisition often results in turnover at all key points, from staff to CFO, in the finance organization.

Foundational PE Playbook

The first six months after acquisition are a never-ending to-do list of deal-related compliance and managerial items. Don’t let them slow you down. We handle the administrative burden so YOU can focus on building value for your portfolio.

1. Cash flow forecasting

2. Opening balance sheet

3. Acquisition accounting

4. Adjusted NWC & PPA

5. Debt reporting compliance

6. US GAAP compliance

7. Q of E rollforward

8. Board deck creation

9. Talent assessment

To learn more, Contact Megan Kennedy, PE specialist.

Services for portfolio companies

At CCN, we have a proven track record within multiple PE platforms. Because we pay our talent more, you get access to only the most qualified, engaged, and invested consultants who are passionate about helping companies succeed. We can handle anything with a broad range of finance/accounting consultants.

• Financial planning & analysis (FP&A)
• System implementation
• Monthly financial reporting
• Audit (portco and addon)
• Hindsight analysis
• Chart of accounts mapping
• KPI reporting
• Process improvement & automation

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Meet Megan Kennedy

Private Equity Account Manager

“As a former CCN client, I know that the firm was founded out of true appreciation of F&A consultants. I joined CCN so I could help other portfolio companies the way Cox once helped me.”

In 2021, Megan performed the following services for publicly traded and PE-backed companies within the software industry:


Acquisition integrations


Portfolio acquisitions


Add-on acquisitions


ERP implementations


AOP cycles for all portfolios