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Kathryn Simpson, CPA

Consultants Club 2024

  • Consultants Club 2024
  • Consultants Club 2022
  • Joined CCN in 2021
  • Certified Professional Accountant
  • BBA in Accounting and Masters in Finance from Texas A&M University

Kathryn began her professional career at EY before she spent over seven years at American Campus Communities. She began working as a consultant with CCN in 2021.

Now, as a consultant, Kathryn likes the variety and exposure to new ideas and challenges she’s getting. One month, she can be working on an end-of-month close task, and then another, she can be working with an engineer to build out internal accounting software.

“I remember in third grade, our teacher had us write an essay about what we wanted to be when we grew up, and I wrote about wanting to become an accountant … Most kids were like, ‘I want to be a Barbie or a firefighter,’ but no, I wanted to do taxes!”

Outside of work, Kathryn loves reading or listening to books, and she likes to stay active. She and her husband are big foodies and love to travel.

But more than anything, Kathryn says that family is number one. She loves that consulting with CCN allows her to walk her son to school every morning and pick him up every day with his bike.

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