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Rachel Jackson

Consultants Club 2024

Rachel graduated with a degree in finance but immediately put her skills to work in functional accounting. She gained workforce experience in a variety of settings, including software, peer-to-peer marketplaces, private equity, publicly traded companies, vacation rental companies, and more.

Now that she’s a consultant, Rachel enjoys projects that allow her to learn new things and make an impact. Whether through in-depth analysis or automated solutions, she loves taking something a client has been struggling with and turning it into a solution.

“The most exciting projects have been things like financial analysis and reporting. I like being able to take big data and make sense of it for the client and give them insight into their operations so that they can move forward and make decisions.”  

Rachel is more of the “work-hard-play-hard” type, preferring to go all in, so she can take time off and travel between projects. As an Austinite, she loves spending time outdoors, preferably near water, whether that’s on a stand-up paddleboard, at Barton Springs, or at the pool.

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