“This Network was Built to Serve Consultants.”

We believe that free-lancers and career consultants, or those that desire to be, should have business development and marketing resources at our disposal, to pursue our dreams of consulting as a career. This network was formed to serve consultants, and in doing so, clients would ultimately benefit.

CCN is not a traditional consulting firm, it is a consultant’s firm. Growth is not our focus; it does not govern our conversations nor drive our decisions, it just means we are doing the right thing – delivering on our promise to be consultant centered, and client focused. This community was created to connect consultants and clients, effectively manage the process, and ensure satisfaction on both sides. We believe in the power of relationships, strong work ethic, and integrity. It is with humility, passion, and an agreement amongst ourselves, that we will only deliver our best.

We look forward to serving Austin!

—the Consultants at CCN