CCN Announces FloQast Partnership — Make Your Month-End Close Easy!

Over ten years ago, an accountant realized there had to be a better way for businesses to do month-end closes.

Partnering with a former accountant friend and a veteran software engineer, he created FloQast, which began as a close management tool and evolved into everything a CFO needs at month-end, quarter-end, and year-end. The software soon grew to serve over 1,900 high-growth customers with both centralized and decentralized teams that needed smart cloud-based tools.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Cox Consulting Network is partnering with FloQast. The collaboration offers tremendous benefits to everyone involved: FloQast customers get access to experienced accounting professionals, and CCN clients get even better support with cutting-edge accounting tools.

CCN Managing Director Megan Cox-Artemis calls FloQast remarkable.

“FloQast hands you everything. It shows deadlines and who’s done what. It lets you know if anyone is waiting for information. You can leave notes instead of sending emails. Those features, and more, revolutionized month-end close. FloQast changed the game.”

Hands-on Experience with the Power of FloQast

Megan has worked with FloQast through multiple engagements. To her, one of the software’s most significant benefits is how quickly it gets everyone working together.

“With FloQast, I can quickly onboard someone who has never done a month-end close. In about 10 minutes, that person knows how to do it.”

One of the first times Megan used FloQast, she had just come on as an interim controller at a PE firm. As soon as she arrived, she could tell they desperately needed help!

“Everything that could go wrong went wrong. They were taking 20 days to complete the month-end close,” she explained. “I had a team of people, but only one was a true accountant.”

All that changed after implementing FloQast. “With the software in place, we completed the next close in just eight days — all with a team that had never seen FloQast before! Everything went smoothly.”

Built By Accountants, For Accountants

Accountants, not an IT team, designed FloQast.

They wanted to meet accountants where they already liked to work. It integrates directly with tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and ERP software.

And the tools allow you to implement accounting best practices.

As Megan put it, “I know what the perfect reconciliation page looks like. I’ve tried to explain it to a hundred people, but they don’t always catch on. FloQast generates it for me — I don’t have to leave it to chance. That makes my life so much easier.

“And it’s not just me. We have a lot of consultants who’ve used it and fallen in love with it. We really see the value.”

Optimizing Month-End Close with FloQast and CCN

A tool like FloQast is only as good as the thinking that happens during implementation, which runs through a checklist of accounting best practices — deciding on deadlines, who owns what, levels of review, etc.

If you don’t have your best practices set up yet, and you’re operating with lean accounting staff, you could miss out on some of the power FloQast can give you.

That’s where CCN comes in. A CCN consultant can help you implement FloQast and get your staff up to speed in 6-8 weeks.

According to FloQast, “Partnering with the consultants at CCN, we know their expert recommendations and changes will leave each of our users better at closes than before.

“As FloQast continues to grow, we’ll be enabling CCN consultants to have these setup and implementation conversations with our customers. We want to make sure that everyone is thoroughly informed and trained.”

Partnership Benefits for CCN Clients

Below are some benefits Cox Consulting Network clients can enjoy from our new partnership with FloQast:

  • Expedited implementation
  • Customized setup (e.g., pre-acquisition, IPO)
  • A partner-specific customer success team (we’ll use a two-pronged approach to ensure that your team is making the most of FloQast)
  • Competitive pricing
  • Experienced FloQast consulting and guidance
  • Accounting best practices

CCN consultants will also provide their perspective on FloQast products and features before they’re released to the public. So they’ll be able to inform you about new functionality and help you take advantage of it.

According to FloQast, “We value the feedback we receive from CCN’s consultants. Many times, one of the biggest impediments to full implementation is not having the team and resources. CCN is ready to go, and they know FloQast.”

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