Save with CCN’s Hourly Search Recruiting Model

Our hourly model delivers exceptional talent at a fraction of the cost, saving clients thousands of dollars on every search.

At Cox Consulting Network, you can choose from two different pricing models. The first is the traditional retained or contingent search model. The second, unique to us, is our hourly pricing model.

The traditional contingent search model

Contingent fees are expensive! The industry standard is 25% of a salaried role.

That means to you that if a senior accountant is paid $75,000 per year, you are going to pay $19,000 up front for that candidate search. And you pay the same amount regardless of how long it takes to find the candidate.

CCN's hourly search model

With our hourly search model, we find high quality talent and simply bill you for our time.

Our fees on the hourly search model are limited by either 12% minimum to 20% maximum. And keep in mind that that 20% maximum is still 5% less than the 25% industry standard for a contingent search.

Most of our clients only pay half of a traditional contingent fee. Why would you do it any other way?

You're going to get transparent invoices along the way, with reasonable fees that reflect our effort. You are making an investment in finding exceptional talent, and the ROI in our expertise and our pricing model is exceptional.

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Regardless of which pricing model you choose,  we are aligned with you. We work with you and for you, and we want to see you be successful.

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CCN’s collaborative recruiting process

If you've used a recruiter before, have you ever felt in the dark? Have you wondered what they were up to or how they're finding the talent?

At CCN, we work as your outsourced recruiting department. We pride ourselves in our proactive communication and our collaborative recuing process.

Throughout the process, you will receive dashboard reports, which are going to show you who we've
looked at, who we have interviewed, and who we're recommending to you.

Recruiting shouldn't be a mystery! We're on the same team and we're working toward the same goal.

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The art and science of recruiting for finance, accounting, and HR

Recruiting for finance, accounting, and HR is really a combination of science and art.

The science of recruiting qualified talent

The science is the ability to discern whether a candidate has the technical skills to succeed in a job.

You really can only assess whether the candidate has those technical skills if you have the subject matter expertise and have done the job yourself.

The art of assessing fit

The art of recruiting is figuring out whether this candidate is the right fit for your company culture, as well as for your team.

We work as your outsourced recruiting department. We're the experts in recruiting for finance, accounting, and HR. When you work with us, you can be confident that you are getting the best and most qualified person for that job. We're not simply selling your position to anyone who comes along.

Our process

Our process is collaborative and fun, and our recruiters are all great people. We are here to take the pressure off recruiting. We want you to be able to relax and get back to your other responsibilities.

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Quality over Quantity: CCN’s Recruiting Philosophy

Sometimes with a traditional recruiting firm, you will find that they'll get your results quickly, but the candidates that they are putting forward aren't really what you are looking for. They are really just spinning candidates at you hoping that one of them fits.

At CCN, our recruiting department does things a bit differently. We take the most qualified leads, interview them, and put them through a stringent vetting process based on our industry expertise. Then we work and collaborate directly with you in this process before we put forward anyone for a job.

We focus on quality over quantity, which means that we actually vet all of the candidates, instead of simply flooding your inbox. When we review candidates, we're looking for the best fit for your company and for the role. We're not simply selling your  position to any candidate that comes along.

We want to deliver great results to our clients, and you can see that in our high fill rates.

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Get exceptional results with CCN’s specialized recruiters

Most recruiters are generalists, which means that they hire for a variety of roles, everything from finance to operations, administrative support, and more.

The problem is that those generalists may not have the technical background to really assess whether candidates are going to be able to succeed in a finance, accounting, or HR job.

That's the difference with CCN's specialized recruiters — that's all we do, and we have the industry experience to back it up.

When you work with us, a recruiter who has decades of industry experience will be talking with candidates and selecting them.

We've been in your shoes, which means that we know what you're looking for and how to find it.

We're here to help

We would love to help you find incredible new talent for your finance, accounting, or HR team. Call us at 512-900-2152 or get started online today.

Save Time and Money with CCN Direct Hire

At CCN, our recruiting services are a little bit different. We've put together a great team and a great model to get great results and save clients time and money.

We're specialized

We only provide recruiting for finance, accounting, and HR roles. Our recruiters have deep industry knowledge and are experts in their field. We've been in your shoes. We know what kind of talent you need and where to find it.

You can see this experience in action in our high fill ratio and our fast turnaround until we get someone in the seat at your company.

Our unique pricing model

We've also put together a unique new recruiting pricing model in which we simply bill clients for our efforts. Our fees are limited by a reasonable 12% minimum and 20% maximum.

We're happy to still offer contingent searches, but on average, our clients are paying half of what they would using the traditional 25% contingent fee. That translates to thousands of dollars saved on every search.

Our collaborative process

We conduct proactive check-ins throughout your search process. We show you details on the candidates we've sourced and where we are sourcing them from. We show you which ones we've interviewed and which ones we've submitted.

Transparency is one of our founding principles at CCN, and you're simply not going to get that level of transparency anywhere else.

We're here to help

We would love to help you find incredible new talent for your finance, accounting, or HR team. Call us at 512-900-2152 or get started online today.

How to use a search firm to fill roles in an uncertain market

With the current outbreak of the Coronavirus, markets are unstable and details about the immediate future are unclear. In such an uncertain environment, many companies are turning to consultants to fulfill their interim, project, and overflow needs.

However, the fact remains that many businesses will still need to make new hires. So, should you still use a search firm in an uncertain market?

Here at CCN, we have a unique direct hire model with an hourly pricing structure that provides distinct advantages over traditional contingent search models. CCN is perfectly positioned to save you time, money, and risk in your next direct hire search.

The Traditional Contingent Direct Hire Search Model

Contingent Searches are the most popular means of bringing in employees through staffing agencies or search firms. You, the client, only pay the firm or agency if they produce a candidate that you hire. Fees are usually 25-30% percent of the employee’s first year compensation.


  1. Limited risk – You only pay if you hire a candidate. This gives you the ability to see a wide range of candidates without ever being obligated to pay an agency.
  2. Multiple firms – Ultimately you will only have to pay one staffing firm, so you can engage multiple firms to conduct the same search if you wish.
  3. Fast results – When search firms compete against each other, they know that the first one with a solid candidate wins the deal. You can often get an employee identified within 3-4 weeks of starting the search.


  1. High cost – 25-30% of first year compensation gets really expensive. Particularly for senior level positions, you might have to dish out 30, 40, or 50 thousand dollars just to bring someone onboard.
  2. Recruiter turned sales person –  The contingent model tends to create a culture of selling which can impede an open an honest dialogue to find the best candidate. When you wave $30,000+ in front of a recruiter, you just turned that recruiter into a salesperson. To get paid, they must produce the candidate who gets hired first — not necessarily the one who is the best fit for your company. Recruiters ooh and ahh about the barista in the breakroom, the vacation policy, and all the great things that make a position, “the best job ever!” This doesn’t happen at every search firm, nor for every opening, but recruiters must often take a sales approach to get the candidate across the line.
  3. Long-term success – What happens if a candidate doesn’t work out? Especially if the candidate was rushed through the hiring process (see above) it’s possible that person won’t be a great fit for the requirements of the position or the culture. Sometimes hiring agreements include a limited-term guarantee period, but if you lose or have to terminate a new hire down the line, there’s no way to get that contingent fee back. You will have to start all over again and pay yet another contingent fee for a new candidate.

The CCN Hourly Direct Hire Search Model

At CCN, we offer our direct hire or “permanent placement” services based on a new hourly pricing model that puts your needs first. Think of us as your outsourced recruiting department. We find you top-notch, experienced talent and simply bill you for our time. Our fees are limited by both a modest minimum amount and maximum amount — if we hit our upper limit, we’ll work for free until your position is filled.

For a simple comparison, consider a new accounting manager with an annual salary of exactly $100,000. With a contingent search model, you would pay an average of $25,000 just to get that person on your team. With hour hourly model, you could pay as little $10,000. At the very most, you will pay our maximum of $20,000. Either way, you’re saving on every hire!

These savings aren’t just a nice idea, they are based on actual data. We are currently saving companies 50% versus a traditional contingents search. See the chart below for the breakdown using real CCN numbers for our last five direct-hires:

PositionDollar SavingsPercent Saved
Finance Manager$14,62557%
Finance Manager$18,62561%
Senior Accountant$7,50050%
Supply Chain Manager$16,00064%


  1. Low Cost – The financial savings of our hourly model can be tens of thousands of dollars! At the end of the day, our hourly search fees typically equate to between 10 and 12%.
  2. Long-term success – We’re not motivated by a quick payout. This means we can take the time to get to know you and personally select talent to match your unique requirements and culture. This results in a higher success rate of new hires who love their jobs and want to stick around. This can save you huge amounts of time and a big headache later on.
  3. Low risk – Our lower cost means that in the rare case your new hire doesn’t work out, you’re not out too much money. We can simply pick up where we left off, leveraging the work we’ve already done to produce a replacement.
  4. We’re experts in finance and accounting. We can leverage both connections and experience specific to the industry in order to produce exceptional candidates.


  1. You pay as you go – We have a check-in call with our clients every 15-20 billable hours to go over results of our search, candidates we’ve submitted, and ones you’ve interviewed. Each call we “take the temperature” of the search to make sure we all feel confident in the process. The call ends with a “go” or “no-go” decision. If we conclude to not continue, you keep the candidates we’ve submitted, and we’ll invoice you for our time. If it’s a “go”, then we invoice you and keep moving forward with the plan! The disadvantage is that you do have to pay either way.
  2. No refund – since we’re billing by the hour, there is no refund for the candidate you hire. As we mentioned above, you will more than likely have paid only half of a traditional fee, so we think this is a fair trade, but you should be aware that this is a possibility. We’ll gladly pick up the search where we left off if needed. This is very rare, and to date, we have never had to find a replacement candidate!

You can get started on the journey towards a great candidate today. Contact us to learn more about CCN’s direct hire services and how they will work for you.