CCN Press Release 3/22/2018


Not Another Consulting Firm, A Consultant’s Firm

A brokerage model for finance and accounting consultants in Austin.

AUSTIN, TX, March 22, 2018. There is a new firm serving Austin’s freelancers and career consultants in finance and accounting. Cox Consulting Network’s model looks and feels more like a brokerage than a full suite consulting firm or staffing agency. The community was created to connect consultants and clients, effectively manage the process, and ensure satisfaction on both sides. Consultants and clients have more visibility with CCN’s “See-Thru Pricing” philosophy. Essentially, a pricing sheet that lays out all components of the billing rate for clients and consultants to review.

Other benefits to CCN’s offering as a brokerage is that the consultant is put front and center. “We really serve the consultant, knowing that if the consultant is getting everything they need, then the client ultimately wins”, says Andy Cox, CCN’s managing member. Consultants retain control of their projects, and can choose projects that help develop their expertise, but get the perks of the network such as access to health benefits, a business development team, and opportunities for training. He mentions, “It’s really the best of both worlds for consultants wanting to consult as a career.”

CCN will keep some of the characteristics of a traditional staffing agency such as the types of engagements, expertise delivered to the market, and diversity of the industries served. The offering will be a mix of process improvement, integration projects, and interim roles engaged to ease distribution of the workload while clients search for permanent employees. Experts will be mostly comprised of senior/management/executive level consultants with previous consulting experience. CCN’s client base, once established, will consist of companies across the industry gamut and comprise small to mid-sized companies.

About Cox Consulting Network:

Cox Consulting Network is a consultant centered, client focused, consulting firm in Austin, Texas. The firm specializes in providing business development, and back-office support, to freelancers and career consultants in the finance and accounting community so that they may provide exceptional service to companies needing outside resources.



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