Chris Mitchell’s Consultant Journey

Please help us welcome Chris Mitchell to Cox Consulting Network. Over the past 30+ years, he’s worked with high-profile public, non-profit, and early-stage companies such as Dell Technologies, the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Upland Software, and Mood Media.

At CCN, Chris will be providing internal business development and working on projects with clients. We’re excited to put his skills to work!

A rich background of experience

When Chris first joined Dell in 1993, it was far from the global corporation it is today. Over 14 years, he learned a lot and helped the company grow through director and senior management roles in finance, marketing, and operations.

Next, he pivoted to the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation for three years before returning to the for-profit world to work with several consulting groups, startups, and small businesses.

In search of something different, Chris co-founded an energy field service company in 2017. He grew and sold the company three years later in a successful exit.

If Chris hasn’t “seen it all” by now, he’s certainly come pretty close! He brings value and drives growth wherever he goes.

“I love business. I have always had an entrepreneurial side. I love to build business processes and systems and see them scale. I enjoy helping companies solve problems.”

Chris’ consultant journey

About six months ago, Chris took a break to soul search and explore the next chapter in his career. He started talking with friends who were doing consulting, and then he met Andy.

He was immediately attracted to shared values and an opportunity to serve both CCN and its clients.

“Andy’s philosophy is the same as mine: focusing on your people first. He does it through the way he treats and pays his people. Great companies put their people first.”

Consultant lifestyle freedom with CCN

Chris has been married for 32 years and is blessed with three daughters. His youngest daughter just graduated from college last year. He loves to travel and visit his daughters, and he enjoys staying active and golfing whenever he can.

Outside of work, Chris is active in his community and enjoys volunteering with non-profits. Since his time with the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation in 2011, he’s stayed passionate about anything that serves kids and families. He also serves as the investment committee chair for the endowment foundation at Texas State University, his alma mater.

“The consulting life is not as high risk as you think,” Chris Says. “I’ve built businesses on my own, but you have an infrastructure working with someone like CCN. The business is already there. If you have gaps in your skills, they will help fill those. It gives you a lot of flexibility; you can dial it up to 60 hours if you want, or you can dial it back.”

“At the end of the day, I like to work with great people, make a difference, and continue to learn. I have all that at CCN, plus great balance and flexibility. It’s a really good fit.”

Get in touch with Chris

Looking to leverage Chris’ impressive skills and experience? Feel free to get in touch and help welcome him to the network!

[email protected]

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