Consultant Club Spotlight: G Herver CPA

We’re so excited to welcome G Herver, CPA, back to the Consultants Club for 2024. She first made the Club last year in 2023, and after a great year, she’s back for more.

What better way to celebrate G than with our first-ever podcast recording! This year we got together with a few different consultants and team members to showcase their unique stories and personalities (and they turned out great!)

So without further ado, check out our podcast recording and read on to get to know G Herver.

An Early Start to an Accounting Career

Gisela “G” Herver is an experienced CPA with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

She actually got into accounting in high school, demonstrating an early knack and passion for numbers.

“My high school happened to have an accounting team that competed in UIL accounting … You put a bunch of high schoolers in a room every one or two weeks with 10-key calculators, and our team actually did really well. We went all the way up to nationals.”

It was a natural progression into college at the University of Texas at Austin, which further solidified her accounting foundations, preparing her for a diverse career that would span across industries like entertainment, biomed, and energy, to name a few.

The Switch to Consulting

G had done some interim consulting work in the past, but in 2021, she saw the pandemic as an opportunity to venture back into the consulting world. She found CCN on LinkedIn and soon started a conversation with Andy.

“I was actually quite surprised or taken aback by the transparency … I never had that experience,” she explains. “I feel like most of the time, when you are on the employee side searching for a new opportunity, you’re taught, even in business school, that you’re going to have to negotiate your worth.”

She went into the conversation expecting a “tug-of-war.” Instead, she and Andy simply had an up-front conversation.

“I had other calls with other folks, and that really set you apart. I felt like you weren’t trying to take away from my value the value of what I could offer.”

Challenging and Fulfilling Work

G’s enthusiasm for accounting isn’t just about balancing books or crunching numbers. She finds joy in the unique challenges each project presents, whether it’s streamlining financial processes for a startup, guiding a corporation through a complex merger, or helping a non-profit optimize its funding strategy.

These projects are more than just a job; they’re puzzles that ignite her curiosity and professional passion.

G enjoys consulting work that allows her to leave a tangible impact on the businesses she works with, fulfilling her desire to make a meaningful difference through her accounting expertise.

Work-Life Balance

Since G came on board with CCN, consulting has been a gateway to an enviable work-life balance, offering her the flexibility to weave her work around her life — and not the other way around!

She’s deeply involved in her community, leading a Girl Scout troop, and her love for the outdoors shines through her involvement in scouting, camping, and cycling.

“I am my daughter’s troop leader and the cookie mom and the cookie coordinator for the whole area for the three towns around where I live. So, you know, my house is the one that gets the 18-wheeler full of Thin Mints.”

G Herver leads her Girl Scout troop in outdoor adventures.

In her quiet moments, G finds joy in painting, sometimes on creative media like wood or rocks.

She also loves traveling and appreciates the flexibility that she’s able to maintain as a consultant: “It’s a huge privilege that I get to work as a consultant … I felt that there was a clear delineation and respect that I received from clients and from my colleagues that took into account my needs and my boundaries.”

A Second-Year Club Member

Achieving Consultant Club status was no small feat. It involved amassing over 5000 hours of billable work and referrals. So, how did she do it?

For one, G is currently working on multiple projects. The “work-hard-play-hard” mentality appeals to many consultants, and in this season, G is skillfully managing multiple responsibilities to rack up the hours.

 “I knew what it was going to be require of me,” she says. “And I was happy to do it because I feel appreciated.”

Additionally, she’s been able to bring a few former colleagues into the network, and those new consultants’ hours apply to G’s total as well. It’s a win-win-win for everyone involved.

“A few weeks ago, I got a text message from one of the [consultants] that I brought in … saying, ‘I’m so glad you introduced me to this. I have never been this happy. I am earning more. I have a much better work-life balance than I ever had. Thank you so much.’”

Celebrating In Style (In Vegas!)

As a repeat member of the Consultants Club, G is looking forward to our upcoming trip to Las Vegas as a chance to connect, unwind, and celebrate alongside her peers.

Having the opportunity to go to Vegas is just the cherry on top … I’m really looking forward to it!”

Until then, we continue to be so grateful for the caliber, character, and personality of one of our favorite CCN consultants. Here’s to G!

Connect with G on LinkedIn.

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