Consultant’s Club Vegas Trip Recap

Last month, our top consultants enjoyed an all-expenses-paid trip to Vegas with the CCN staff. The “CCN-vitational” celebrates why we can do what we do: our fantastic people!

Check out our team’s highlight video from Vegas!

Teamwork makes the dream work

During a Saturday night dinner in Vegas, CCN founder Andy Cox expressed his sincere gratitude for the Consultants Club members – each of whom has racked up over 5,000 hours of billable work and referrals: “I can’t thank you enough because none of us would be here if it were not for the way that y’all go about doing what y’all do. I feel like I’m working with family… and that’s in a good way!”

Our consultants aren’t just the people doing the work, they are the face of the business. Andy shared that he was just talking with a CFO of a million-dollar manufacturing company who used to see engaging consultants as a burden. After seeing the value brought by CCN consultants, everything changed.

Creating a place for consultants to thrive

Like any relationship, our partnership with our consultants goes two ways. We’re committed to putting in the time and effort to make sure our people feel supported, valued, and celebrated. The Consultants Club is just one way we set aside time to do that every year.

Jennifer McKay, one of this year’s Consultants Club inductees, said it this way: “CCN has my back. I never have to worry about what’s next. If I want to take some time between projects, I can. I know that when I’m ready to start again, CCN will be there, ready to get me back to work.”

So again, THANK YOU to the incredible consultants, clients, and staff who make CCN such a great place to work!

We can’t help but wonder already: who’s joining us next year?!?

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