Megan Cox-Artemis’ Consultant Journey

We’re so excited to welcome Megan Cox-Artemis (formerly Megan Kennedy) back to Cox Consulting Network! She’s seen many different sides of the finance and accounting world, including serving as a CCN consultant. Now Megan is our newest “managing consultant,” helping coordinate consultants and special projects.

Private equity focus

Before CCN, Megan performed acquisition integration for publicly traded and PE-backed companies. She’s worked on PE special projects, including ASC 606 revenue recognition, technical accounting memos, policy and procedure development, financial, bank, cash flow, and management reporting and analysis.

“It can be very lonely and stressful to be a CFO for a PE-backed company. You need a sounding board — a sanity check, someone who’s on your side, who has your back and knows what the PE guys are thinking. That’s what I love to do.”

With such a valuable niche skillset, Megan is eager to continue her work in the PE world through CCN’s new Private Equity Consulting Services.

Megan’s consultant journey

Megan first encountered the consulting world through a CCN consultant. She was “fantastic” and seemed happy, so Megan reached out to her after quitting her corporate gig. The rest is history!

She says it was a reasonably smooth transition, and the best part was the transparency from Andy and CCN leadership.

“Before CCN, I thought impressive F&A talent was hard to find, but now, working with so many talented consultants, I know that there’s always someone who can help me get to the right answer.”

If you’re thinking about adopting the consulting lifestyle, Megan says, “go for it!” It’s not as scary as it may seem, and it’s an excellent opportunity to take ownership of your schedule and career. 

Enjoying the waves at Punta Cana

Consultant lifestyle freedom with CCN

Megan says that the best part about consulting is that you can always find a challenge to keep you engaged. She enjoys “messy” projects with tight deadlines and lots of freedom to have a real impact – primarily around acquisitions and system implementation.

For her, lifestyle freedom isn’t just for consultants; it’s a big part of serving others. She gets a lot of satisfaction from seeing her clients (like CFOs and controllers) get their nights and weekends back too. Everyone benefits when they regain the ability to be more strategic and forward-thinking.

“I feel like I get to spend more time doing what I want to do with the people I want to do it with … I tend to have a lot of autonomy on my projects, so if it’s a beautiful day and I want to hang out on the beach for a couple of hours I can do that!”

Outside of work, Megan feels like she has “truly” achieved lifestyle freedom, and she’s able to take off as much time as she wants. She enjoys volunteering with educational groups and environmental projects and spending time with her fur babies.

Megan at Buckingham Palace!

Get in touch with Megan

Have questions about PE acquisitions and integrations? Ready to tackle some big projects? Get in touch with Megan and help welcome her to the network!

Call: 210-544-9984

[email protected]

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