Welcome Sara Smith, Chief of Staff

Please help us welcome Sara Smith to Cox Consulting Network. As our new Chief of Staff, Sara will play a direct role in helping the company grow, ensuring our consultants have everything they need to succeed.

Sara’s background

Sara started her career right out of college at an independent trust company, working as an administrative assistant. She took on more client administration work as the company grew, which led to her focusing on finance, risk management, compliance, and operations. She eventually became responsible for a team of 25 people.

“I don’t feel success as much through individual contribution. I find that in being a part of group success. I really value shining a light on everyone.”

During her 15 years with the trust company, she worked with the CEO on business development and strategic initiatives, helping grow the company to the point that a Midwest bank acquired it in June 2021.

Sara with her husband, son, and daughter.

An evolving skillset

Early in her career, Sara considered herself an executor — her skill was in getting things done. Years later, after completing a strengths finder evaluation, she was surprised to see how her strengths had changed.

Today Sara also prides herself in collaboration, building relationships, and goal setting. She’ll be putting those skills to good use at CCN, making both the client and consultant experience smoother across the board.

“I’m really excited to move into Cox Consulting. Given the right opportunities and support, people can make big changes.”

Tackling growing pains

Sara enjoys working in a growing organization. She likes to develop processes, policies, and systems to help solve the pain points that come with growth.

“I’m thrilled to work closely with Andy and learn how he has so successfully built this new model in real-time,” Sara shares. “Being on the front line is exciting. If a problem pops up today, we’re nimble enough and small enough to solve it tomorrow.”

Sara with her family on vacation!

CCN consultant lifestyle freedom — not just for consultants!

Sara enjoys the flexibility and work/life balance that CCN offers. With an 11-year-old daughter and a teenage son, she can work from home if something comes up.

CCN’s flexibility supports Sara’s passion for travel as well, which includes visits to her family in the Chicago area and a trip to Italy this summer with her husband and kids.

“Work/life balance is clearly a core part of the culture here,” says Sara.

Get in touch with Sara

Want to learn more about the consultant lifestyle with CCN? Feel free to send her an email or connect with her on LinkedIn as we welcome her to the network!

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