Lynn Rudolph’s Consultant Journey

This year, Lynn Rudolph has racked up over 5,000 hours to make it into the Consultants Club and earn herself an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas in May! Read on to learn a bit about Lynn — a talented consultant and an all-around great person!

“I’ve been working with Lynn for around ten years. When she takes a new engagement, I know without a doubt that she will be a hero for the client. Her desire to help others is beyond measure.”

Andy Cox
Lynn with her “favorite hiking partner”

Meet Lynn Rudolph

Outside of work, Lynn spends much of her time taking care of her elderly mom. She’s got two grown kids and “an absolutely adorable” six-year-old granddaughter. She enjoys volunteering, gardening, hiking, biking, yoga, and travel.

Before joining CCN, she spent almost ten years doing missions as a financial and HR coordinator for Doctors Without Borders while in-between work assignments.

At work, she likes “to create order out of chaos” — messy data projects or system conversions won’t scare her off! She enjoys making a difference and solving problems companies had previously struggled with.

Making the most out of consultant lifestyle freedom

Lynn’s ideal work-life balance is to work hard for three months and then take off a month for travel. This doesn’t always work out since the length of assignments isn’t guaranteed upfront, but she says CCN is “the closest thing.”

Although she’s been a consultant for some time, Lynn explains that life with CCN has undoubtedly been easier and more stable. There is never a shortage of quality work assignments.

Lynn is glad to have good benefits and says she “absolutely” feels like she gets the time off and lifestyle flexibility that she wants.

“I’m very grateful for Andy and his ability to create a thriving business out of all his business relationships. He’s also great at thinking outside the box. I feel very fortunate and lucky to work for such a terrific person, organization, and team!”

Lynn Rudolph

Lynn makes the Consultants Club!

Now that she’s made it into the Consultants Club, Lynn is looking forward to getting to know the other club members and celebrating her “hard-earned milestone” during her trip to Las Vegas in May.

Congratulations, Lynn!

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