Sarah Weil’s Consultant Journey

Sarah is one of the most tenacious consultants you will meet. She never gives up until the job is done. For many, she is the face of CCN. Sarah is the biggest promoter of our community by far – helping to bring in new consultants and clients and coach new people in our community.

This year, Sarah made it into the Consultants Club. By referring one new client and several new consultants, Sarah fast-tracked her way to the 5,000-hour mark and earned herself an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas!

Who is Sarah, and what makes her such a great cheerleader for the consultant lifestyle? Let’s find out!

Meet Sarah Weil

Sarah is married with two daughters (12 and 9) and a dog named Willie Nelson. She loves to read (she’s a big true crime buff) and exercise, and she’s actively engaged at her daughter’s schools.

Sarah likes a challenge at work and enjoys “messy projects” — coming up with a plan and working start-to-finish to leave clients with the fully functioning systems they need.

Throughout her career, she’s worked “all things accounting” — as a controller, in accounting management roles, in public accounting, for Whole Foods, and more.

Sarah’s consultant journey began in 2015 when her family began to grow. She was able to negotiate reduced hours with her employer, but the workload never changed.

“The average accounting position requires a minimum of 50 hours a week,” explains Sarah. “That’s just not sustainable if you want other things going on in your world. Once I had children, it was stressful to find balance.”

“I like accounting — I’m a dork. It’s not the work that I didn’t like; it was all the extra stuff that goes into a full-time job: administrative tasks and back-to-back meetings. I wasn’t gaining anything from it. It was taking away from me.”

“Consulting is great for my sanity, mental health, and everyone in my family. It’s been such a blessing … I absolutely feel like I have achieved work-life balance. I feel like I’m succeeding at both, whereas before, I felt like I was failing miserably.”

CCN’s consultant lifestyle champion

At CCN, Sarah loves the people she’s worked with and likes introducing people to the network, especially other working moms.

“It’s like looking back on myself 5-10 years ago… I’ve been there … I like letting other moms know there are options. You can do both and be successful at both. I want to help them feel confident to go this route.”

Of course, the consultant lifestyle isn’t just for moms. Sarah referred one friend to the network who’s single, and she too loves the flexibility and ability to self-manage.

“Most people who do this line of work at this level seem to be pretty autonomous,” she explains. “We don’t always need or want micromanaging.”

Life after consulting

Today, Sarah spends lots of time with her family and has been able to give back to her community by volunteering as the treasurer for her daughter’s school, which has become much more of a “full-time job” than she expected.

“I never would have considered volunteering on a consistent basis before now. I’m at a point where I could commit to a two-year term and see that through. The treasury position has been very rewarding, especially this year when teachers and schools need all the help they can get.”

Sarah makes the Consultants Club!

This year, Sarah made it into the Consultants Club, but she didn’t do it through billable hours alone. She racked up credit for additional hours worked for her referred client and by the new consultants she brought to CCN. She’ll earn an all-expenses-paid trip with the Consultants Club every year if she keeps this up!

We’re so glad to have Sarah on the team, and we’re looking forward to spending some time with her and her husband in Las Vegas!

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