Case Study: SciPlay’s Accounting Team Gets a Boost from CCN

SciPlay is a leading developer and publisher of digital games for mobile and web platforms.

While the public company reports more than $600M in annual revenue, the organization depends upon a relatively small team of close-knit accountants to handle its financial records  – and that’s how they like it.

“SciPlay is a lean organization. We work efficiently and collectively to get things done. And we need all team members firing on all cylinders during every quarter close,” SciPlay Senior Accounting Manager Dewey Jackson explains. “Everyone must function in a timely manner so that we can make our deadlines. That’s why our team requires such high-caliber accountants.”

Dewey had worked with CCN consultants at a past company, so when it came time to boost his accounting team at SciPlay, he knew where to look for exceptional talent.

CCN provides an interim senior accountant

In 2021 SciPlay was working through a potential acquisition and needed a new senior accountant. Because of the dynamic nature of the deal, they chose to engage a consultant instead of a full-time hire.

Dewey reached out to CCN, and after reviewing several consultant profiles, he engaged Jennifer Pearce.

“Our consultant, Jennifer, was great from the get-go. She absorbed all the tasks and duties really quickly.  The payoff happened right away. Within six weeks, it felt as if she had always been there.”

Dewey Jackson, Senior Accounting Manager at SciPlay

Nine months later SciPlay decided to expand its accounting team with the addition of a permanent hire.  Jennifer assisted with the onboarding and helped set the new hire up for success. 

CCN fills a tough role in 2022

Later in 2022, Dewey was looking for another employee to join his accounting team but wasn’t satisfied with his options: “Like the rest of our staff, we needed a candidate that was of the highest caliber.”

Instead of moving forward with a full-time hire, he called off the search and brought in Jamie McKay, another senior accountant consultant from CCN.

“It was the exact same story,” says Dewey. “Jamie was able to absorb the responsibilities and allowed us to move forward quickly.”

After a successful run, Jamie is preparing to roll off and help the department transition to a new full-time hire.

Dewey Jackson, Senior Accounting Manager at SciPlay

“Jamie’s experience and time were well worth the investment. He’s already performed similar tasks several times in different companies over his career. He’s just able to get in there, lock and load, and keep going.”

The CCN difference

After multiple engagements, SciPlay’s Interim CFO Daniel O’Quinn was impressed with the competence of CCN’s consultants.  Dewey once again received the green light to engage more help from CCN to boost his team.

What makes SciPlay’s experience so remarkable?

  1. A transparent selection process: Dewey shared that he had been involved with other consulting firms. These other firms brought him into the consultant interview process with no preparation and used high-pressure tactics to select a candidate right away. With CCN, Dewey received résumés in advance and spoke with the CCN team about each consultant’s personality. Technical qualifications and culture fit were also considered – and delivered “as advertised.”
  2. Rapid deployment and onboarding: Many consultants require a significant investment of time and energy to get up to speed. Many never “pay off,” but Dewey shared that each engagement with CCN began adding value immediately.
  3. Competent, proactive talent: Some consultants either get stuck or be too gung-ho and start doing things incorrectly. Dewey was pleased to find his CCN consultants struck a perfect balance. They knew how to dive in and work autonomously, but they also didn’t hesitate to ask for just the right amount of guidance.
  4. Happy people doing good work: Dewey felt like he was not only getting great consultants but also that the consultants were clearly taken care of: “They all seem happy to be at CCN.” He could tell that CCN consultants enjoy a good work-life balance, and that value fits right in with the culture at SciPlay.

SciPlay values work-life integration and offers a variety of workplace perks for its employees.  This value is reflected in the company’s ability to attract and retain a high-caliber team. When you have the right people and the right processes set up, it’s easier to deliver excellent results and keep the team energized.”


Between SciPlay and his previous employer, Dewey says that he’s “three for three” with CCN.

He’s been able to select and engage consultants who were both highly qualified and a cultural fit for his team.  In fact, Dewey is preparing to bring Jennifer Pearce (SciPlay’s first CCN consultant) back on board as a full-time employee.

Dewey’s department works under much scrutiny from company owners, industry regulators, and internal audits, but with the right personnel, they’ve risen to the occasion and continued to deliver top results and excellent reporting.

“Our accounting team is recognized as a shining star within the SciPlay organization.”

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