CCN Welcomes Marissa Vidaurri, VP of Investor Relations and Communications

We’re so excited to welcome Marissa Vidaurri to the Cox Consulting Network. As our VP of Investor Relations and Communications Services, she’ll spearhead specialized projects revolving around investor relations, communications, transformations, integration, M&A, and more. 


With over 20 years of global finance and communications experience, Marissa came to CCN after serving as the VP of Investor Relations at NI (formerly National Instruments).

She graduated from UT Austin and today serves on the Board of Advisors of the Center for Global Business at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas.

“When you meet the right person at the right time, the next steps are crystal clear. With her unique corporate expertise, Marissa is the perfect person to help CCN launch our Investor Relations program. IR not only elevates our existing finance and accounting service offerings but allows us to support our clients through every stage of their business.”

Andy Cox, Founder and CEO

New Initiatives at CCN

We’re particularly excited about Marissa’s arrival as it represents a deeper focus in a specialized service area: investor relations and communications.

It’s an opportunity to proactively reach out to clients going through critical growth stages, helping them discover what they need and how to achieve their goals.

Investor relations includes a variety of projects like:

  1. Pre-IPO: Is an IPO in your future? Leverage our expertise to educate yourselves, evaluate your needs, and make a plan for a successful IR program.
  2. Interim IR Support: Fill critical gaps in your internal team and keep IR programs running strong while you look for a new hire.
  3. Fractional IR Staffing: Build out your IR program while you grow. Perfect for organizations that don’t yet have the need or resources for a full-scale internal team.
  4. Special Projects and Events: Leverage our expertise to upscale your IR program or support critical initiatives like events and special projects.

There’s a lot of overlap between IR and the finance and accounting work our consultants are already doing. It’s all about capturing and communicating those numbers.

Plus, developing an IR program tends to fall on busy CFOs. Supporting those efforts aligns with offloading that burden so they can continue to do what they do best – run the business.

Why investor relations?

Marissa has been involved in IR for the last 15 years. She led several high-profile initiatives, including NI’s strategic review and recent integration with Emerson.

“My mother was an educator and taught me the value of education,” Marissa shares. “The focus to always be learning and growing has carried me through my career and led me to take on new challenges. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I grew up with a business mindset and learned what it takes for a business to succeed.”

She explains that investor relations is a critical role with relatively little understanding. And it’s also the perfect bridge between her degrees in communications and business. That’s why she’s so excited to move to a consulting role and share her knowledge with a broader range of clients and industries.

“Investor relations is a critical role for all public companies. It is fast-paced, as you never know what each day will bring. Preparation is key to successful investor engagements. I have a passion for being at the center of understanding a business’s strategy and financial performance and building trusting relationships at all levels of an organization.”

Marissa Vidaurri, VP of Investor Relations and Communications Services

Work-Life Balance

As she steps into her new role at CCN, Marissa is excited about our consultant lifestyle culture — something internal staff benefit from, too!

“I was on the corporate side for over 20 years. Stepping away over the last few months allowed me to reflect on what I wanted in the next chapter of my career journey. Work-life balance is a priority. However, so is sharing my experience and adding value to corporations.”

Marissa has a son, Luke, who will be in high school next year, so being present is important.

She loves concerts (Austin is the premiere location for this), movies, and travel. She and her son love to see new places and experience new cultures. She also likes to stay active and healthy.

“A big benefit is spending more time with friends and family,” she says. “That’s how I recharge and fill my cup. Consulting is coming at the perfect time in my personal life.”

Marissa is an active member of her community, and in addition to her work with UT Austin, she also serves on the Board of the Abigail E. Keller Foundation.

Connect with Marissa

Could your IR program use a boost? Marissa is always excited to talk shop and find opportunities to help companies build and elevate their Investor Relations programs.

Shoot her a message at [email protected] or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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