Consultant Club Spotlight: Ryan Meyering, CPA

Every year we celebrate our network’s top consultants — dedicated individuals who have accumulated over 5,000 hours of project work or referrals.

Let’s meet Ryan Meyering, CPA, one of our new 2024 Consultants Club members!


Ryan has been with CCN since 2021, but his career spans over 25 years of accounting experience.

Ryan set out to find “something practical” at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and realized he had a knack for accounting. He went on to begin his career in Big Six accounting at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC).

From there, he’s served in a variety of industries, seeking new skills and unique experiences each step of the way.

“I’ve always seen my career as the acquisition of different skills,” Ryan says. “Each career move was based on the experience I wanted to get that I wasn’t getting in my current position.”

After almost 20 years, Ryan felt like he had acquired a pretty good “accounting toolkit,” and he decided to try consulting. Since then, he’s worked for different consulting firms and back at in-house positions, but he continues to be drawn by the variety of projects and benefits unique to the consulting lifestyle.

At the time of publishing, Ryan is on two fractional projects with different clients, which suits him well.

I think that given my diverse background in accounting and finance and my desire to learn new things, consulting is a good fit for me.”

Ryan and his wife in Cozumel.


What kind of projects does he like best? Ryan shares that he feels most engaged when he can really participate in the “narrative of the business,” working on investor presentations, SEC reporting, or forecasting and budgeting.

“I view accountants as storytellers — with a lot of rules — but our job is really to provide the story of the business to investors and managers in a way that helps them to make informed decisions.”

Ryan also enjoys writing and creating new systems. Where others might feel most comfortable following set patterns, he enjoys digging into accounting memos and creating new solutions to accounting problems… “The messier the action and the more it’s in the gray area, the more I enjoy doing the research and finding and documenting the right solution!”

Ryan and his family on a recent trip to Durango, Colorado.

Work-Life Balance

Outside of work, Ryan has a 27 year old son and is recently remarried with three stepkids (ages 10-14) and is an active member at his church in Lakeway. Together, they love to travel and create new family memories. CCN’s work-life balance is a big part of making that possible.

“Family is my priority,” he says. “I wouldn’t be able to be the dad that I am or the church member I am or fulfill all these other roles if I was working 60-70 hours a week as I have many times in the past in this industry.”

Ryan’s CCN Experience

After several decades of experience in-house and on various consulting teams, Ryan says that CCN truly stands out as a unique place for consultants.

“You don’t feel like you’re just a cog in the machine,” he explains. “From a financial perspective, CCN definitely prioritizes the consultant over their own bottom line which is much more advantageous for the consultants than anywhere else.”

Andy is very articulate in his vision for the company, and I think he really believes in it. I take that to heart. It shows throughout the organization and makes it a great place to work.”

We’re Off to Vegas!

As a new member of the Consultants Club, Ryan is headed to Las Vegas as an all-expenses-paid reward for his contributions to CCN.

He’s looking forward to getting a couple of days away with his wife and getting some face-time with CCN colleagues who he doesn’t often get to see in person.

Congratulations to Ryan Meyering! We’ll see you in Vegas!

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