Consultant Spotlight: Kathryn Simpson, CPA

Kathryn Simpson was recently inducted into CCN’s Consultants Club, an honor bestowed upon consultants who have accumulated over 5,000 consulting hours with the network. She’s headed to Las Vegas in May to celebrate this milestone with CCN leadership and other new Consultant Club members.

Congrats, Kathryn!

Kathryn’s consultant journey

Kathryn began her career at EY and then worked at American Campus for over seven years.

Throughout her career, Kathryn says she’s made the most of her organizational ability: “Being an accountant, you are most likely type A. I am the list girl. Staying organized is one of my best skills.”

When it came time to transition to consulting, Kathryn shared that it was a decision born out of necessity. “I got pregnant in 2019 and had a baby during lockdown. He was a premie, and we didn’t know about sending this little baby to daycare. We decided I would stay home with him for a year. It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.”

During that time off, Kathryn got a chance call from Kristyn Kennedy, another CCN consultant. They had a conversation, and it was like “the universe coming together.” She advised Kathryn to get in touch with CCN Founder Andy Cox… and the rest is history.

Consulting with CCN

For Kathryn, the consultant lifestyle is about finding fulfillment both inside and outside of work. “The clients I’ve worked with so far have been amazing,” she shared. “It’s always been an open conversation about my skillset and what they want to give me. I’ve never felt in over my head. And it’s great because you’re looking at so many different things… I’m getting opportunities to get all kinds of different experiences.”

“Andy and his team have done an amazing job of setting up this consulting model. It’s not just for people with kids. It’s for anyone who wants that flexibility. It can be done.”

Above all, she says CCN has provided her with the flexibility she needs to balance work and family life: “I sometimes do pinch myself… I didn’t know a role like this could exist coming out of that full-time corporate world.”

Life outside of work

Outside of work, Kathryn enjoys spending time with her family. “With my previous roles, I didn’t have a ton of time outside of work to take on new experiences… now, with consulting, I’ve set my boundaries. I don’t want to be working over 40 hours. Once I’m done with my hours, it’s all about family,” she shared.

Kathryn is also an avid reader and enjoys staying active through activities like tennis, spin classes, and pilates. She loves traveling with her family and trying new restaurants in the Austin area.

Congrats Kathryn!

With the “CCN-vitational” coming up in May, Kathryn is looking forward to a return trip as a seasoned Vegas traveler. She and her husband enjoy a quick getaway to Vegas multiple times a year. (And now we know who to ask for recommendations!)

Kathryn’s induction into CCN’s Consultants Club is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and expertise. She is a great consultant who has made a big impact on every project she’s been a part of. CCN is lucky to have her as part of the team!

Connect with Kathryn on Linkedin.

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