Consultant Spotlight: Tamie Gutka, CPA

Tamie Gutka and her husband on vacation

Tamie Gutka is a top-notch consultant whose love of accounting is perhaps rivaled only by her love of cruising the world. Take a minute to get to know her, and you’ll see why she’s been a pleasure to have on every project we’ve thrown at her.


Tamie began her career in Atlanta, and she’s done “pretty much everything” in corporate accounting over the past two decades.

She’s often switched back and forth between consulting and traditional roles, but she’s always known she would end up back in consulting.

“What I like most is the variety. In a traditional role, you go in, and there’s a lot to do, but then it can become routine. In consulting, I enjoy working for a variety of clients and industries. I love helping companies through whatever issue they’re going through.”


On the job, Tamie considers herself to be pretty self-sufficient: she doesn’t ask too many questions once she’s confident she’s on the right track.

“Clients don’t have to worry about entertaining me or following up with me. I’ll make sure they’re staying informed,” she says. “I look for improvements along the way, but I’m also not going to force my opinions on anyone. They can rely on me to come up with solutions and options.”

“I don’t stop at the problem and expect them to fix it. When I present an issue, I’ve already thought through it, and I provide at least two possible solutions – a first and second choice. They can count on me as a partner in the process.”


Outside of work, Tamie loves to travel — especially on cruises. Her most recent cruise went from Boston to Bermuda, but she’s also sailed out of Galveston, Amsterdam, Russia, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and more!

She loves reading and will often go through several books on a cruise.

When she’s not traveling the world, Tamie and her husband also like to visit local wineries, breweries, or distilleries with their dogs.

They now live in San Antonio, where they’re doing a complete renovation of their 1970s house — talk about ambitious!


Tamie loves the flexibility that comes with her consulting lifestyle… “flexibility to have a life and also enjoy life.”

She often works remotely, allowing her to travel and spend time caring for her parents, who live just outside Las Vegas.

Tamie certainly ascribes to a “work-hard-play-hard” mindset, and a fulfilling career is integral to her work-life balance: “I’m the type who wants to stay busy, so I like having something pretty much all the time. Just keep me busy.”

The CCN difference

Tamie says she encourages everyone she speaks with to consider working with CCN.

“At CCN, it’s all about the focus on the consultant. With past firms, it was all about the client, and that’s important, but I see CCN being concerned about the consultant too — matching them with the right client and working with both to be successful… consultants need to know their company has their back.”

That level of confidence comes through in the consultants she’s worked with at CCN.

“It’s like a family, and that’s rare in a consulting firm. Andy’s great. The whole team’s great.”

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