Michele Randall’s Consultant Journey

Michele may be the best-kept secret we have at CCN. She is incredibly detail-oriented and a ton of fun to work with. She can do just about anything, but clients love her OCD slant and leverage that trait to get some complicated projects to completion.

This year, she tallied up over 5,000 hours to make it into the Consultants Club and earn herself an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas in May!

But exactly who IS Michele, and what makes her tick?

Meet Michele Randall

Outside of work, Michele enjoys sewing, crocheting, reading, and spending time with family. She’s married with three adult children and four grandchildren (plus two dogs and two cats!)

Before CCN, Michele worked all levels of accounting from bookkeeper to controller. She tried to retire but “got bored.” Andy Cox reached out to her on Linkedin, and the rest is history. According to Michele, it’s the best decision she’s made “outside of choosing my husband, having children, and moving to Texas!”

“At CCN I have that epitome of work/life balance that I hadn’t found in other companies … I don’t work 60-70 hours per week anymore … If I decide I want to take time off between assignments, I can.  I have flexibility in what projects I take on.”

Michele and her family at Big Bend State Park

Michele has been able to pick the projects she finds most engaging and rewarding. She’s enjoyed getting away from payroll and moving back into the accounting roles.

She takes advantage of her benefits and “absolutely” feels well-compensated.

“If you’re thinking about becoming a consultant, be brave! Consulting work is both rewarding and exciting. You meet new people and try new, hopefully challenging, tasks … Finding CCN has been very rewarding, and not just monetarily.  I have a great group of people to both work for and with.  Everyone has been friendly and inviting.  The work/ life balance is the biggest bonus I could ask for.”

Michele makes the Consultants Club!

In 2022, Michele made it to the Consultants Club after logging 5,000 hours with her clients. She’s looking forward to her all-expenses-paid trip to Vegas in May. “Vegas is an exciting city with much to see and do.  The gambling doesn’t hurt either!”

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Michele Randall’s Consultant Journey

Michele may be the best-kept secret we have at CCN. She is incredibly detail-oriented and a ton…

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